Crakk Movie Review: A Rollercoaster Ride of Action and Adrenaline

Crakk Movie Review: A Rollercoaster Ride of Action and Adrenaline

Bollywood has always had a soft spot for mindless action films that thrill audiences with adrenaline-pumping sequences. In the midst of this genre comes “Crakk: Jeetega Toh Jiyegaa,” which attempts to carve its own niche by blending extreme sports with high-octane action. Directed by Aditya Datt, the film stars Vidyut Jammwal, Arjun Rampal, Nora Fatehi, and Amy Jackson in key roles. While it promises jaw-dropping stunts and intense action-packed scenes, does “Crakk” manage to deliver on all fronts? Let’s dive deeper into this rollercoaster ride of a movie.

Plot Overview

The story revolves around Siddharth Dixit aka Siddhu (Vidyut Jammwal), a slum dweller in Mumbai who is obsessed with performing dangerous stunts on moving trains. His life takes a drastic turn when he decides to participate in Maidaan, an underground survival sports competition where his brother Nihal met with a fatal accident. As Siddhu navigates through challenges and adversaries in Maidaan, including the formidable champion Dev (Arjun Rampal) and influencer Alia (Nora Fatehi), he unravels dark secrets surrounding his brother’s death while chasing his dream of glory.

Exploring Themes and Characters

One aspect that sets “Crakk” apart is its exploration of themes like passion, perseverance, and uncovering the truth amidst adversity. Siddhu’s journey from the streets of Mumbai to international sports arenas showcases his unwavering determination and grit in pursuing his dreams despite challenges. The character dynamics between Siddhu, Dev, and other competitors add depth to the storyline, creating tension-filled moments that keep viewers on edge.


“Crakk” sets out to be an adrenaline-fueled spectacle but falls short due to its lackluster narrative execution. Director Aditya Datt combines various tropes without delving deep into any particular theme, leaving the audience wanting more substance from the storyline. The film struggles to strike an emotional chord or establish clear character motivations, making it challenging for viewers to fully invest in Siddhu’s journey.

While the action sequences and extreme sports elements provide moments of exhilaration, they are often overshadowed by inconsistent pacing and patchy editing. The film’s runtime of 2 hours 26 minutes feels stretched at times, allowing boredom to seep in amidst bursts of excitement.

Performance wise, Vidyut Jammwal shines through his daredevil acts and electrifying stunts but falters in conveying emotions effectively. Arjun Rampal delivers a solid performance as the antagonist Dev, adding depth to his character portrayal. Nora Fatehi’s role feels underutilized despite propelling the plot forward at crucial junctures.

Despite these shortcomings, Jamie Lever’s comic relief injects much-needed levity into certain scenes while Amy Jackson holds her ground as police officer Patricia despite occasional distractions caused by dubbed Hindi dialogues out of sync.


Crakk: Jeetega Toh Jiyegaa” offers a mixed bag of thrills and spills that cater primarily to adrenaline junkies seeking visual spectacles on screen. While Vidyut Jammwal dazzles with his physical prowess and stunt work, the film lacks coherence in storytelling and fails to leave a lasting impact beyond its flashy action set pieces.


In conclusion, Crakk might appeal more towards fans who relish hardcore action flicks over those craving depth in storytelling. However, the movie succeeds at showcasing breathtaking stunts along side muscle-flexing performances from its lead cast. Despite its flaws, Crakk succeeds intermittently at delivering pulse-pounding entertainment for enthusiasts of high-octane cinema. Whether you’re drawn towards nail-biting chase sequeneces or crave visually arresting fight-scenes, Crakk might just offer enough fuel to satiate your thirst for cinematic thrills. Ultimately, it might not stand tall among classic action films, but Crakk kicks up enough dust to warrant a passionate watch from die-hard action aficionados.

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