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Kiran Dembla: The Fitness Icon Who Proved Age Is Just a Number

Kiran Dembla

In society, women are often boxed into expectations defined by their age as they cross the thresholds of every incredible chapter of their lives. Despite the significant role that women play within the confines of their families and professional lives, an invisible barrier created by societal norms always pushes them back by constantly reminding them of their age-related limitations.

The Fitness Icon Who Proved Age Is Just a Number

In time, women have learned to retort back to society by embracing wisdom and experience and demonstrating tremendous alacrity to embark on the multitude of adventures that lie ahead in their lives.

Kiran Dembla has repeatedly proved that age is just a number when it comes to turning a new leaf in her life or embarking on a new journey in life.

Kiran Dembla firmly believes that age should not limit one’s goals, as determination and perseverance are the key to success. Initially, Kiran began her journey as a homemaker and mother of two, but she is now recognized as the renowned Iron Lady in the fitness industry. Despite starting her bodybuilding dream at the age of 40, Kiran faced numerous challenges along the way. As the world of bodybuilding was predominantly male-dominated, it was expected that she would face criticism for daring to enter such a territory.

Weight loss programme

However, after an illness when Kiran Dembla started her weight loss programme and lost 24 kilos in seven months, she realized she had a passion for fitness and opened her own gym as an entrepreneur. As a result, Kiran not only gained an envious six-pack, but also stood up against every negative criticism she faced.

The transformation of Kiran from an unassuming woman to a renowned fitness role model in India serves as evidence of her unwavering commitment, perseverance, and strength. Despite societal pressures, she remained true to her heart and pursued her goals with determination. Her journey proves that it is never too late to make a fresh start, as long as one possesses the necessary dedication and motivation. This is what inspired Kiran Dembla to share her expertise in physical fitness, diet planning, strength training, cardio exercises, and more by embarking on a career as a fitness coach for numerous celebrities seeking transformation.

List Of Foods You May Want To Include
List Of Foods You May Want To Include

Bodybuilder and fitness guru

Once established as a renowned bodybuilder and fitness guru, Kiran Dembla also ventured into the world of music as a disco jockey. She even pursued her dream of becoming a mountaineer, making her story both incredible and incredibly motivating. Challenging societal norms and expectations of women’s capabilities, her success in traditionally male-dominated fields is often met with harsh criticism.

Kiran, however, was inspired by it to persevere and be determined to overcome every obstacle in her way and achieve her dreams, only to prove to society and other Indian women that nothing can stop a person from fulfilling their dreams, not even fatal diseases.

In order to unlock their own potential and problem solving skills, individuals often have to get themselves into trouble. Similarly, Kiran had spent 35 years as a nonchalant homemaker without worrying about her health or fitness before blood clots in her brain knocked on her door to wake her up. She gained a huge amount of weight after that due to the disease and its emotional trauma, as well as the powerful medications she was taking.

Indian Bodybuilding Federation’s World Championship

From the initial desire to shed pounds through gym workouts, Kiran Dembla discovered her true passion and ambition. She dedicated herself to training diligently, achieving weight loss and even competing in the Indian Bodybuilding Federation’s World Championship in Budapest. Despite having initial concerns about committing to a strict protein-based diet and intense training, Kiran remained determined to pursue her dreams and reach her goals.

In modern Indian society, women have numerous opportunities to live life on their own terms and pursue any career of their choosing. Despite traditional beliefs about male dominance in certain fields, individuals like bodybuilder Kiran Dembla demonstrate that judgement and criticism can hinder personal growth. It is crucial to challenge stereotypical notions through actions rather than words. Through her own perseverance and dedication, the 41-year-old fitness expert serves as an inspiration to aspiring female bodybuilders, proving that determination, ambition, passion, and belief can turn dreams into reality.

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A woman’s untiring tenacity, self-love, healthy lifestyle, and food habits can propel her to success if she chooses a career dominated by men like bodybuilding.

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