Snapchat Planets: Gen-Z’s  Feature-Packed Social Platform 

Familiar with the real solar system? Want to experience the vibe of it in digital workspace? Here you go then!

Snapchat Planets brings to you a feature-packed platform messaging app to elevate your experience with new upgrades. It distinguishes out among popular social media applications. Also, offers excellent additional functionality to the messaging app, which extensive features added to the same. This adds to many other duties. 

Snapchat’s subscription lets you alter the app’s icon, see who viewed your story again, and become best friends. Snapchat’s premium version often adds new features and services. 

Snapchat Planets now includes the Snapchat Friend Solar System. This feature shows you what planets are associated with your close friends and colleagues. Read below to understand Snapchat Planets, how they function, what they signify, and more. 

What is Snapchat?

What is Snapchat?
What is Snapchat?

Snapchat was created to entertain. Its applications are mainly on cell phones and tablet PCs. Both iOS and Android smartphones operate the app nicely. After downloading the app, users may add “Snaps,” either moving or static photos from their collections.

The fact that these photographs vanish after a given period and are never seen again makes them unique. Snapchat’s “Chat” function lets users converse like WhatsApp. The system deletes it immediately after seeing the discussions. 

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What Do Snapchat Planets Mean?

Snapchat Planet can improve your Snapchat experience. The objective of this is to define this combination. Snapchat users worldwide have expressed their desire for this functionality. Snapchat Plus lets you gather eight of your favourite pals.

Snapchat Plus Planets are simple and effective for remaining connected to loved ones. Snapchat Plus is an excellent illustration of Snapchat’s user experience strategy. Snapchat allows you to gift eight global places to your eight most excellent planets. 

What are Snapchat Planets Orders?

You should now understand Snapchat and how to purchase Snapchat Solar System Planet. In “order,” you choose your friends based on their merits and arrange them like the planets around the sun. You have eight planet-shaped areas to pick companions. 

You’re the furthest away because you were assigned Neptune. If you get Mercury, your closest friend. Snapchat Planet Order function displays the word with a planet image. As said, its colour and other traits are the only way to know what type of planet it is. 

List of Snapchat Solar System Planet Order

List of Snapchat Solar System Planet Order
List of Snapchat Solar System Planet Order

#1. Mercury

Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, reveals our proximity to it. Your nearest planet symbolizes your friends. Mercury connections indicate that you are the friend’s closest friend above all others. 

#2. Venus

When gifted Venus in Snapchat, you become your friends’ second-best friend. Imagine having Venus as your planet. This suggests you have a second-best friend. 

#3. Earth

If Earth is taken, the Snap Planets Order list reserves the third position for you or a friend. People assume three means Earth. Thus, such things happen. 

#4. Mars

The fact that your friend gave you Mars suggests that you are the fourth most popular friend living nearby. Snapchat set up the planet order this way. However, some users may prefer something else. 

#5. Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. Seeing your friend as Jupiter ranks them fifth out of eight friends. Because Jupiter is a planet. 

#6. Saturn

Saturn, with its magnificent rings, follows. Jupiter follows. Giving it to your friends puts them in the sixth planet order on Snapchat. 

#7. Uranus

Uranus is the seventh order number of Snapchat’s eight public friend destinations, according to the Planet Order. Your friend will be further distant as the planet gets farther. 

#8. Neptune

Snapchat Planet Order’s eighth and final planet is Neptune. Planets terminate orders. Neptune, the eighth slot in the Planet Order system, will put you at the eighth spot on your friend’s list. 


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How Does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

How Does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

Sign up for Snapchat Plus to see your planet in your friends’ universe. A friend’s page has a gold-backed “Best Friends” or “Friends” emblem. This appears every time you visit the friend’s page. 

Sign up for the service to access this post. Two Best Friends badges signify you and your mate are two of the eight best friends in the world.

Identify your planet in your friend’s Snapchat solar system: 

  • Snapchat lets you see friends’ pages. 
  • Find and touch the Best Friends badge to symbolize your planet. 
  • Just know that Snapchat’s friend solar system works like this. Remember that Snapchat Plus members can observe Snapchat’s friend solar system. 


Snapchat Planets feature revolutionizes best friend communication. It also offers offers a unique and exciting experience. Planets are assigned to friends depending on their proximity. This sophisticated function deepens the app’s friendships. 

Through this, users can understand their social standing among friends. Beautifully depicting these connections makes the Snapchat Friend Solar System intriguing and straightforward to grasp. Snapchat Planets strengthen user bonds overall.

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