From 12th Fail to OTT Success: The Inspiring Journey of a Rising Star

From 12th Fail to OTT Success: The Inspiring Journey of a Rising Star


Success stories often come from unexpected places and the entertainment industry has witnessed numerous such remarkable transformations. One such inspiring tale is that of an individual who defied societal norms and overcame adversity to become a rising star in the world of OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms. This article explores the journey of this extraordinary individual, highlighting the lessons we can learn from their story.

1. The initial setback

Our protagonist’s story begins with academic disappointment when they faced failure in their 12th-grade examinations. While many would have given up or succumbed to societal pressure, this determined individual had other plans in mind chasing their dreams in the realm of acting.

2. Pursuing passion against all odds

Undeterred by academic setbacks and familial concerns, our protagonist embarked on a rigorous journey towards pursuing acting as a career choice. They joined theater groups, attended workshops, and honed their skills through sheer dedication and hard work.

3. Overcoming self-doubt

In any creative field, self-doubt can be debilitating; however, our aspiring actor tackled these demons head-on. They focused on learning from failures instead of dwelling upon them, constantly pushing themselves outside their comfort zone to improve their craft.

4. Navigating rejection with resilience

Rejection is an inevitable part of any artistic pursuit but persevering through it is what sets apart those destined for success. Our protagonist faced countless auditions where they were turned down repeatedly but refused to let these setbacks define them or undermine their confidence.

4. Navigating rejection with resilience: Saptahik Patrika
Navigating rejection with resilience

5. The breakthrough role

After years of perseverance and numerous auditions later came the turning point. Landing a significant role in an independent film that gained critical acclaim at film festivals worldwide! This performance caught the attention of casting directors within the burgeoning OTT industry looking for fresh talent.

6. Embracing the digital revolution

The rise of OTT platforms brought about a democratization of opportunities for actors and filmmakers alike. Our protagonist recognized this potential, leveraging social media to showcase their talent and connect with industry professionals.

7. Seizing the moment

The key to success in any field is seizing the right opportunities when they come knocking. Our rising star grabbed every chance presented, whether it was auditioning for web series or collaborating with emerging filmmakers on short films – all aimed at gaining visibility among industry insiders.

8. Evolving skill set

In addition to acting, our protagonist also realized the importance of developing complementary skills such as writing, directing, and producing content. This versatility not only enhanced their creative abilities but also opened new avenues within the expanding world of OTT platforms.

9. Dedication towards self-improvement

Despite gaining recognition and accolades along the way, our aspiring actor remained grounded and continued striving for personal growth. They attended acting workshops by renowned instructors, studied successful performances across different genres, and worked on refining their craft.

10. Breaking stereotypes & carving a niche

While society may have initially labeled them as an academic underdog due to their 12th-grade failure, our rising star persevered through hard work and determination to break free from those stereotypes. By choosing unconventional roles that challenged societal norms while showcasing their range as an actor, they carved a unique niche within the industry.

OTT Release Date

 12th Fail OTT Release on Disney+Hotstar from December 29, 2023, after its successful run at cinemas. On the other hand, the platform posted an announcement about the news on their official Instagram handle, saying, “Ending the year with Manoj Kumar Sharma’s tale of undying perseverance #12th fail now streaming.”


From being written off academically during high school to becoming an admired talent in OTT shows today.  This inspiring journey highlights how resilience, dedication, passion for one’s craft can lead us towards extraordinary accomplishments despite initial setbacks or societal expectations.

It reminds us that failures do not define individuals; rather it’s how they choose to respond that sets them apart on their path toward success. We should take inspiration from this remarkable story as we navigate our own journeys toward achieving our dreams because if someone can turn a 12th-grade failure into an OTT success, then possibilities truly are limitless for all of us.


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