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How Suboxone Affects Dental Health? The Truth You Must Know

The struggle to get out of opioids means that the user has to take care of different elements related to his health after colossal neglect. It may be disheartening to find out that that which may save a life can often be injurious to your dental health than may be imaginable.

This is a useful drug that treats the addiction of opioid and allows a person to handle the opioid as it reduces the craving. It does not allow the high person to take any other stuff for getting high. But the medicine has now recently created the bigger fears and concerns among the users. The users of the medicine have now been associated to serious dental issues. Or some other caries are also caused due to the reason posing to the substance rinsed but later it was found to be the film.

Burgeoning dental problems in patients under observation, whether in strip or tablet form, had been warned by the FDA. The problems ranged from pit and fissure caries, ankylosed teeth, root stumps, tooth decay, to even the loss of teeth.

FDA further added that these dental problems further irritate even in persons who were not witnessing any dental troubles in the past. This paper intends to discuss the problems with this drug and issued warnings by FDA. Moreover, we will also outline the legal action you can take if affected by this medicine.

Side Effects of Suboxone: The FDA Warning

The FDA alerted people based on the reports submitted to the agency about Suboxone since December 2018. The review recognized close to 305 cases of negative events linked with the use of buprenorphine medicines that get dissolved in the mouth. Close to 131 events were considered serious.

Additionally, the agency also noted that even though patients trying to recover from opioid-use disorder tend to report compromised dental health, about 26 of the 305 cases included adverse events in patients who never had a dental issue. There were about 28 patients who had experienced dental complications while using buprenorphine products to manage pain.

The FDA stated that the average age of the patients in the 305 cases assessed was 42 years. The age bracket ranged between 18 and 71 years. In a few cases, the dental health issues took place within two weeks after using Suboxone, and in some, it surfaced after two years of using the medicine.

Several cases reported to the FDA included a combination of tooth fractures in many teeth, tooth loss, and dental decay. Healthcare professionals also noted that patients who used Suboxone noticed rampant decay in all the lower and upper teeth. There were close to 71 cases that needed tooth extraction. Other treatments that patients needed to correct their dental issues were root canal treatment, complete dental restoration, including implants and crowns, and dental surgery.

Therefore, if you or anyone you know has faced such side effects after using this drug, it is necessary to file a Suboxone lawsuit. Other than seeking financial compensation to recover your losses, you will also raise awareness about this medicine. It can act as a warning for other users contemplating using this drug to treat their opioid use disorder.

Suboxone Dental Complications and Legal Battles

The link between using Suboxone and proper dental health has resulted in clinical inquiries and legal conflicts. Dental health professionals might become caught up in litigation as more patients blame this medicine for their set of oral complications. They can cite negligence and inadequate warnings that the drug manufacturer failed to issue.

As a result, the legal battle will mark the relevance of correct documentation, well-informed consent procedures, and interdisciplinary cooperation among healthcare providers.

TruLaw states that if people believe and can establish that their tooth decay is an outcome of using Suboxone, getting compensated for the complications is essential. It is necessary to get in touch with a lawyer who has experience managing product liability lawsuits to file a claim. The lawyer will ask for comprehensive documentation, which includes medication history, dental records, and evidence of how the drug caused dental issues to build a solid claim.

It is also necessary for plaintiffs to establish a causal connection between dental issues and Suboxone use by collecting expert testimony. The lawyers will further help with negotiating settlement payouts to ensure you get maximum compensation to cover all your losses.

In conclusion, it’s indeed frustrating to know that a drug meant to treat opioid use disorder ends up affecting your dental health. No one wants to heal from one issue and develop another health problem. Hence, you must keep a close watch on your dental health if you are using Suboxone. If affected by the medicine, seeking compensation might seem complex, but there are expert lawyers to help you get covered for the damages and pain you’ve endured.

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